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Add Testcase and Edit testcase buttons disappeared

From the Testcase Tab below is the filter button/tool bar, and next should be add test case and Edit test case. The add and Edit test case buttons/tabs are missing.

That is all controlled by the Role Permissions.

The above will result in the following:

So check what Role you have and then what permissions the Role has.

I had the permissions before. What role should I have? Where can I go to check and change the permissions?

Permissions are in the Administration section – Users and Roles and I am going to guess there is an Administrator for Test Rial that is not you. As to what Role you need - all depends on how TR is set up for your work.

Why do I ask? I’m not sure about the order in wich the results will be listed, you can’t be sure there is only one. Probably you will return a different, maybe the oldest result for a test in the run and not the latest. You can simply sort by “created_on”, which is a unix timestamp as integer. The highest value is the newest. Thanks

thanks my issue has been fixed.

thanks my issue has been fixed.