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Add test to all sections


Hi folks,
Could someone help me with adding the same test-case to every section in the Test Suite?
I have a Suite with few cases for 300 instances, which should be tested. Cases are the same for every instance, but sometimes I need to add one or few more cases the same for all sections. Currently I see ability only to add 1 case and manually copy for 299 times. Probably exist some more easier way for such action?


Hi Sergey,

Thank you for the post. You can only import one test suite/XML import file at a time. You could either use the API to automate this (or call the import function as you did) but you could also have just “merged” the XML import file into bigger files and then import those in one/fewer steps. We usually recommend using just a few test suites per project and it can even make sense to use a single test suite (depending on the project size and granularity of the test cases).