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Add Test suite missing for single repository


I have created a new project with option " use a single repository for all casses", but I can’t create the master test suite . In the Test Cases tab , I only see add section / add test case.
I am administrator and from managing permissions and roles, the suite checkbox are checked


Can someone please help me? TestRail version is 5.6.0

Thanks in advance

In order to use multiple test suites you need to choose the 3rd option in the list for Projects:


The single repository is just that - one repository with sections and subsections.

Thanks for the answer, BGanger.
I need to have section for a better organization of test cases and this is the reason I have created the project with single repository option, but I don’t know how to create the big repository ( test suite)

In the single repository - the repository is the Suite which is why it allows you to create test Cases, sections, and subsections. There is nothing else to do but create the test cases needed for the Project.

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