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Add Test Result & Assign to Button location


I like to fix the “Add Test Result” and “Assign To” button at the bottom of the window not bottom of the page while I browse through my cases.

It’s very inconvenient that it is located at the bottom when I have lots of test cases as it forces me to scroll down the list everytime I try to add test result for multiple cases.



Thanks for your posting. This is a known usability issue and improvements in this area are planned. The currently favored option would add a mouse menu to the grid to easily perform actions for multiple test cases/tests.

I hope this helps,


So is this going to be worked on??
i knwo this query is 5 years old but would have though this would be in place by now

Having the add result button at the bottom of the page is just not useful and a big time waste for testers


Hi Dobryan,

Thanks for your reply! Starting with TestRail 4.2, we introduced keyboard shortcuts to address the usability issue mentioned previously. When viewing a test, you can use the ‘a’ key to open the Assign To dialog, and the ‘r’ key to open the Add Result dialog. There are also many additional useful keyboard shortcuts that can be used throughout TestRail (including some that were added for use in TestRail’s three-pane view mode). You can learn more about this release and see a full list of the available keyboard shortcuts on our website here:

Hope this helps!



Shortcuts are all well and good but as a new product to be adopted by our company we cannot just tell the tester use shortcuts. it is more time consuming to adapt to.

It would be easier and neater for the moving of the div class="button-group form-buttons"
since the application allow of other sections to be moved about i don’t understand why this was not movable


Hey Dobryan,

Thank you for the additional feedback. Making certain changes to the TestRail UI could lead to more complication in the long term, thus we only allow certain parts of the UI to be moveable. Outside of this, we made the decision to keep other parts of the UI static to better suite a wide range of customers.


So i was not happy with your answer so made my own solution

name: Move Add Result Button Location
description: Change the location of the Add Result buttons to top of the test cases. This includes the Pass and next, Assign to and play buttons below the container with priority, Estimate and Milestone.
author: David O’Bryan
version: 1.0

var delayMillis = 1000;

(document).ready( setTimeout(function() { (".button-group.form-buttons").insertAfter("");
}, delayMillis));


Hi Dobryan,

Thank you for the follow up post and information. I am glad you were able to find a way to make this work for you.