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Add test cases to a test plan by Case ID


Is there a way to add test cases to a test run or test plan by Case ID?


Hello Denise,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, you can use the Select Cases dialog on the test run/plan form to change the case selection for a test run and then also select cases based on the ID. While there’s currently no direct ID filter, you can simply add the ID column to the grid (via the Columns button) and can then see the ID directly in the tables. The following screenshot shows the Copy/Select Cases dialog and you can see the Columns button at the middle-top.

It’s also planned to add an ID filter to the sidebar.

I hope this helps!



Oh ok thank you! That will help for now.


Hi Denise,

You are welcome and that’s great to hear :slightly_smiling:




I am also looking for a way to add test cases to test plan by ID. Unfortunately there is no way to filter cases by “ID” on the “Select Cases” dialog.

Do you plan to add such feature in future releases?

Best Regards,


Hi Antoine,

You can add the IDs to the tables via the “Columns” button above the test list, would this work for you? It’s also already planned to add an ID-based filter and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



Hi Team,

Need to know why test case id is not changed when deleting previous test case id?


Hi Naresh,

Could you provide a few more details? Case IDs never change even if you delete other cases. TestRail would also never reuse IDs (e.g. if you delete cases) and case IDs are unique and fixed.



Hi dude,

Currently we are determining DAR for TestRail, Testlink and Squash. We felt testRail is good one among those. Here we following agile methodology, I would like know how do we maintain metrics, effort estimations(L0, L1), Master test plan. Could we do all in JIRA?


Hi Naresh,

Thanks for your feedback. TestRail is used for all kinds of methodologies, including agile, exploratory testing, test automation as well as traditional testing. Have you already set up the integration between JIRA and TestRail? This is a full two-way integration and you would see all TestRail related details in JIRA and vice versa:

Test cases are managed in TestRail as part of a project and in TestRail’s case repository (Test Cases tab). Test runs and results are managed on the Test Runs & Results tab. We recommend using test plans for iterations/sprints and testing against different configurations and environments:

I hope this helps!



Hi dude,

I have integrated testRail and JIRA and need to know that could we do maintain metrics, Release estimation, Sprint estimation and Master test plan in JIRA?

One more question,

Say for example, I had 5 test case ids and i need to immigrate anyone test case id to another suite with same test case design steps.

Here facing some issue.When immigrated test case id is changed to new test case id in the desired suite.

Is there any feasibility to maintain same test case id wherever i copy it.


Hi Naresh,

Thanks for your reply. You can find progress metrics, estimates and forecasts on the Progress pages per milestones/plan/run:

We recommend using test plans for tracking iterations/sprints and this allows you to group related test runs. Milestones would be for larger goals such as releases or versions.

Regarding copying cases: we recommend avoiding case duplication if possible and you would usually reuse cases across test runs/plans. We would also recommend using a single large repository (master repository) instead of multiple, smaller suites and this is now also the default mode for projects:

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your answer. I am glad to hear that you planned to add this feature. I hope it will be released soon.


Thanks again for your feedback, Wilson!



Back to the title topic.
Regarding the use of the ID column in the ‘Select Cases’ dialog, it seems I am having two issues:

  1. I cannot assemble all the test cases in the Suite into the center pane, only selected subsections
  2. I cannot sort by ID, and therefore cannot make an ID-ordered list from which to choose

Or do I mis-understand?



Thanks for the additional feedback Todd. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release.


We really need the id filter option too. Please add a vote to the feature request for us.


Hi Jason,

The case IDs are an arbitrary number that is added when the test case was created. Which is why trying to search for specific test cases (unless you know exact id numbers) would be difficult. Through user feedback, selecting subsections and additional filtering using fields on the right hand column is the ideal method.

That being said, I’ll happily add your vote as well so we can priorities internally.