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Add test case to multiple suites

Hi there,

I would like to know if there’s a way to use the same test case in different test suites. In my project, I have a ‘golden path suite’ and a ‘complete path suite’. The complete path suite has all the test cases from the golden path suite, plus some more tests.

Copying all the test cases from the golden to the complete would create new test cases, and that would make maintenance a big problem.
With the same test case in both suites, I’d have to edit only 1 test cases and both suites would be fine.

Test cases are related to the suite they are in and are not shared between suites. If a test case needs to be in both suites then I think you could export the relevant test cases and import them into the other suite. You wold need to set up the folder/structure ahead of time for the suite the cases are going into.

Exporting and then importing in another suite does the same as copying and pasting it there: it creates new test cases with the same names, but different IDs (which means that if I have to edit one test case in the future, I’d have to make changes in both suites)

There is no easy way with 2 suites - I would look at some of the other Project types to see if they would work better. Personally - I think would have had the cases in one Suite and separate them in folders or add something to the References to separate them. Or use the test type drop down… If you use Test Plans I think you could use Configurations with all of the test cases in one Suite.

Hi Vitor,

If I read in between the lines correctly, the “golden path suite” and the “complete path suite” is one that is a subset of the other.

I know that in our project, we keep different “path suites” as you call them as Test Plans. Where one Test Plan has a more complete run through of the system. However, there is a trick to this. We prefix the title with “TEMPLATE” so that we know that it is to be copied (i.e. “Rerun”) and then executed as a separate Test Plan object.

BUT I think the same issue manifests itself here. When there’s a new test case is created, you will need to make sure that it’s in both Test Plans. Alas, I don’t think there’s a way around this but at least if there’s a change inside a test case, it will be reflected in both Test Plans.

Hope this helps and sorry if it doesn’t!