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Add Test Case Step Error


I keep getting this error whenever I try to add a step to an existing test case. It just started today.


It switches back and forth between the new versions whenever I refresh. This has happened to several of the users on our system today, but other are able to add steps just fine.

Our testrail instance is hosted at Gurock, so they update us automatically.

Has anyone else seen this issue, and if so does anyone know how to fix it? This is a blocker for us, we’re in the middle of creating 50+ testcases for a big upcoming project.


We have been experiencing this error as well…when trying to do pretty much anything…I have contacted support…haven’t heard back yet :frowning: It is super annoying and causing delays in our work.


So… now 5 minutes after I posted this, it has started working properly for us. We didn’t do anything differently, it just started working. I would go back and try again now. Who knows?


Same here! Working fine now! We have seen this error before in the past…I think it has something to do with our Test Rail being hosted on their cloud and maybe them doing updates…not sure…oh well…it is working now…so back to work! :slight_smile: