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Add test case count to 'All Projects' landing page


I like the high level overview that the ‘All Projects’ landing page provides, but it would be nice if it was customizable so that we could display the data we want.

For example, we currently have the following metrics per project:

  • Test suite count
  • Active test run count
  • Active milestone count

The more interesting metric to me would be the total number of test cases in each project. This metric tells me more than the all of the other metrics combined, and should be easy to calculate.

I’m sure others have metrics that they care more about and it would be nice to have the option to customize this view. If this were open source, I would say ‘you get what you pay for’. But since we are paying, it seems like we should have some ability to customize the product to fit our needs.

Also, I know there is another post to track this, but it would be nice if the project activity chart used different colors for each project to make it easier to differentiate between them.