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Add Step Hotkey?



Are there any hotkeys to add a new step to a test case (I am using the “structured test steps” configuration)? I’ve searched the forums and have seen several requests for this functionality (some dating back to 2012) so am hoping that this is a feature that has made it into the release that I’m currently demoing…it would certainly make creating all of our tests much more bearable. :slight_smile:



Hello Robbie,

Thanks for your posting. That’s still not supported unfortunately but it’s still on our todo/feature request list. It should be possible to implement this with a UI script in the meantime:



I totally agree with Robbie on this one. Has this functionality been implemented yet?




Thank you for the response, BGanger, but I’ve already been to this site a number of times.

I am looking for a hotkey for adding a teststep to a test case, but it seems that this has not been implemented yet. I fixed this issue by adding a UI script, so that pressing CTRL+A now adds a new test step, and changes focus to the new test step.

This functionality saves me a ton of time, since I’ve got around 800 more test cases to create.



Sorry Vuldemert - I swore I have uses a shortcut for adding a step but apparently it was another product.


Voting for the whole team ( +3 ) We also would like a hotkey to add a step just below the current selected row in a list of test steps. This would allow a test to be written without shifting over to a mouse so often.

A close second would be to allow the ‘add step’ button to be focused on with the tab key, and fired with the spacebar, etc.