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Add Section button is disabled for all but one user


In the “Test Suites & Cases” tab, when we drill into a particular test suite, there are two large buttons on the right: “Add Section” and “Add Test Case”.

The user who created our account for TestRail can click on the “Add Section” button and it works.

All other users, even though they have been made Admins and are set as Leads, see this button as grayed out.


Hello Adam,

Thanks for your posting. The Add Section button is disabled if you use a different sorting/grouping for the case tables than the standard section grouping. You can reset the grouping by clicking the red X icon in the table header:

If you do not see this icon, please make sure that the column you have sorted/grouped by is wide enough. This can be changed by opening the Select Columns dialog (the icon in the table header on the right):

I hope this helps. Just let me know in case you have any further questions.