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Add result, move to next test case, and re-open result dialog


I would like to create a ui script which will add a result. Copy those values to session, move to the next test case and then re-open the result dialog with the values filled in from previous test case.
Currently I have one uiscript which creates a custom checkbox for copying the values and one for advancing the test case.
The same script copies the values to the session for use on the next test case.
I have a second script which checks for the session value telling it to advance to the next test case. Which it then does. My issue is how do I get the result dialog to re-open after advancing to the next test case?

Thanks for any assistance in advance.



Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not simple/supported to implement this with a UI script. The relevant JS method for opening the test result dialog is as follows:

Please note that this is an internal function only and may change with future releases so we cannot really recommend using this function. It’s already planned to look into supporting this scenario natively by TestRail with a future version.