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Add references to multiple cases

There is a way to add Jira case to multiple cases (the cases written already) ?

Hi Aya,
if you’re trying to reference from one Test Cases in TestRail to many JIRA-Issues, you can add as many (not finally tested the max) Jira-Issue-Id’s in the reference field of a TestCase, as long you separate them via comma.
If you try to reference one JIRA-Issue with multiple TestCases in TestRail, you have to add the same Issue-ID to the reference field of the multiple TestCases.

Or did I get you wrong?


Hey there,

Thanks for the post! As Karsten said you can enter as many Jira issues into the TestRail defects or references field as you need, separated by commas.

For adding a Jira defect ID to multiple TestRail test cases you can use the bulk update option by checking the boxes next to the test cases you’d like to add the reference to, then hitting the edit option at the top. From there, you’ll see a screen allowing you to enter details into any of the fields within the test cases, and you can enter a reference ID to add it to all selected cases. Please note, if you are using the bulk update option, it will overwrite any data already in the fields, and save only what was entered in the bulk edit screen. If you want to append a references to a field that is already linked to other Jira issues, you will need to do it manually to ensure you do not lose data.

Hope that helps!

I want to add jira ticket to multiple cases (for example, if i wrote few cases and forgot to add the relevant reference… i dont want to go case - case and to add it)

ah, OK. Didn’t get your point correctly.
Than the Bulk Update mentioned by Jacob is the practical way…


Great, it works…

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