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Add_plan_entry with configs ignores custom run name



When using the add_plan or add_plan_entry with configs the ability to set custom name values in the “runs” entry can be used but appears to be ignored.

This is the data we pass to the API

        "name": "Regression Test",
        "entries": [
                        "suite_id": 115,
                        "name": "OSSpecific",
                        "config_ids": [2854,2855],
                        "runs": [
                                        "name": "Regression_Windows2012",
                                        "include_all": false,
                                        "case_ids": [4890,4891],
                                        "assignedto_id": 49,
                                        "config_ids": [2854]
                                        "name": "Regression_RHEL60",
                                        "include_all": true,
                                       "assignedto_id": 49,
                                        "config_ids": [2855]

When this code is used the run name is “OSSpecific” for both runs. In the UI I can edit OSSpecific at the plan level and it updates both runs but when I select the run for a config it doesn’t seem to be editable.

I’ve suggested the programmers add each run separately under the plan for each config if they really need the config in the run name but wondered if this should work and/or should the API documentation mention that name field is ignored when using configs with a run and/or an exception should be thrown???


John Gourlay


Hi John,

Thanks for your posting! The names of the configurations/runs are automatically set based on the name of the entry and the configurations. This would result in “OSSpecific” and the names of the configurations as specified via the config_ids attribute.