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Add_plan API adding all the testcases from suite


I am posting below json to add_plan/:project_id and seeing test plan getting created with all the test cases in the suite instead of the selected case ids I passed. Could someone please correct me what I am doing wrong? or is it a bug in the testrail version TestRail v5.3.0.3603.

{“description”: “TestPlan created by nightly automation”, “milestone_id”: null, “include_all”: false, “name”: “e2e_master”, “entries”: [{“runs”: [{“milestone_id”: null, “include_all”: false, “name”: “Stateless Wrapper”, “case_ids”: [2740555, 2740556, 2740557, 2740558]}], “suite_id”: 3727, “name”: “Stateless Wrapper”}]}