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Add placement in Testrail 5.6?

While testing the latest version of Tearail,, I had reports of a pop up add in the corner. Took me a while to catch it.

Before my security team goes bonkers, can someone give me a review on how this is pushed or pulled?

Hi rraney,

Your team is correct, as of TestRail 5.6 we had placed this ad in the lower right corner of the page. It’s possible to permanently hide the ad by clicking “Dismiss”.

Ranorex is a sister product that was purchased last summer and since then we’ve been working closely to build strong integrations between the two products. Where TestRail is a test management tool and Ranorex is the test automation complement.

You can find out more about them and a free trial at the following.

Is there a way to turn if off server wide? If not, then please patch this next.


While I don’t have an exact example for this. It would be possible to modify visual elements in TestRail using UI Scripts.

Rather than having to use UI Scripts, it would be more sensible to be able to turn off any “promotionals” from Gurock.

We already paid to be able to use TestRail, please don’t put us in the same shoes as “free” users.

If you want to promote Ranorex as your sister products, you can put it up in the forums or send emails to people who wants to receive such promotions from Gurock.


I agree. It is odd for a company to promote using hard coded adds. I still am being asked if this is a push or pull add and need to sniff it.

I never got an answer if TestRail shares information out from the results of the popup. Anyone know or have seen data being transferred when this is triggered?