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Add new column to steps


I want to add a comments for every test step.
Is it avaible? If yes, how?

Thank you

It can really be done any way you want to. I have added a note to case either in the step to the expected result just by adding

Note: to the bottom of the step or expected result.

I would like to have a comment field after the step and expected result where any text could be inserted.

I am not aware of a way to do this. It sounds like you want an expected and actual results field. If so you might be best to just create a custom field at the bottom of the test for actual results.

Thanks for the post @premierpark and the feedback everyone else.

It’s not currently possible to add a new custom field to the individual steps section of a test case, but this is something we’re looking into for a future release. For now, I’ll add your feedback to the internal request, which helps our team prioritize our development efforts.

In the meantime, the best option would be to use one of the existing fields (steps or expected results) to add any additional information to the test case. It is also possible to use TestRail’s markdown formatting options to add tables into a text field, so you can separate the comments from the steps or expected results as needed. If you’d like to learn more about the formatting options including setting up tables in your text fields, you can check out the guide here:

Hope that helps!