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Add info about Total/Passed/Failed/... tests in main table of "Milestones" and "Test Runs & Results"


I’d like to see information about Total/Passed/Failed/Blocked/Untested tests on the main tables of tabs “Milestones” and “Test Runs & Results”. The reason is different runs can have different number of tests included (later runs have more tests) and I want to see this number (comparison beetween runs) without going inside each run or hovering result-bars (which actually have this info) in the right part of the table.


Set the view to Detailed and you will see this:


Not the same format but does give you the info you wish to see.


Thank you!
Very nice point! For exception that there is no Total tests count
And when there are lots of runs I prefer to use Compact view.


Yep I missed the total - sorry about that… Got you close.