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Add custom fields to case but didn't see in interface



I created some custom fields to case but when I try to create a new case these fields didn’t appear in interface.

Cam someone help me?



What have you entered into these fields?



You can see that I introduces 2 new fields.

But in my interface I can’t see these fields.


Ok - what are the new fields and where do you expect to see them? Seeing a large list of all possibilities and then seeing a screenshot of the Test Result does not really help me as I have no idea what you expect to see. When looking at the list of Result Fields in the screenshot - I don’t see any ‘new’ fields. The Result Fields listed are the standard fields included in all TR installs.

Maybe you are referring to the Test Case (Steps) and Test Case (Text) in the Templates section? If so - you are not adding in fields - those are Templates you added.

If you want to see custom fields in the Result Fields section then you need to add the fields in the next section above the Templates:



If you are talking about the case fields Mission and Goals they will not display in the test view if they do not have content. If you click on the Edit Case button you should see the empty fields and if you then add content it will show up in the test view. The System case fields show up in test view even when empty (Estimate and References) but the custom ones do not.





Thanks for the response.
I will verify.


I am referring to the custom fields named: VersionApp and Client.


If you go to the actual test case, seen in the Test Suites & Cases tab, and open a Test Case do you see the fields? If not - are the fields assigned to the specific Project like can be seen in the Milestone field below and are the fields active:

In this case the field is on all Projects and the field is active.


I resolved.

It was my mistake.