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Add confirmation to deleting itemised steps


I love the new itemised steps functionality, can I just say. But, it’d be really nice to have a confirmation message for each delete icon, when the content of both the step and the result fields are not empty.

I just deleted a step by random clicking, and it’s not as bad as deleting a case or suite, but it’s still bothersome.



Hello Christina,

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve added it to our feature request list and we will look into it. We omitted it on purpose actually (as it can get inconvenient in case you want to delete 10 steps, for example), but I agree that this may be unexpected as you are normally shown a confirmation dialog for delete actions in TestRail otherwise.



I can definitely see where it’d be onerous to have that “are you sure? are you suuure?” confirmation pop up each time when deleting multiple steps. I just don’t like the part where a stray mouse click three pixels to the right deletes a step with no warning.

I suppose if there could be an “undo”, for the last deleted step? “Last deleted” because it’s less likely to be an accident to delete 10 steps, so there’s no need to hold all deleted steps during a case edit in memory.



Yes, I agree and we will make sure to look into it.

Thanks again,