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Add Ability to Query Test Runs by Title for Dynamic Test Reports

I noticed while trying to create a test run that there is no option to filter test runs by their title. This is inconvenient because it is combining the results from two distinct types of test runs. Ideally, I would generate two reports that separate the two from each other.

I have tried exploring creating new projects, and different project types (single repo w/ base line support & multiple test suite), but they do not support our use case which requires us to use the same test case by ID due to the API integration.

However, I noticed there is an option to filter by title when you filter on test cases. Can this be added to filter on test runs as well?

I am using a Comparison for Cases report.

I have two pictures to share that show how you can filter title for test cases but not for test runs. I cannot share them because I have a new account.

These two photos show how you can filter on title for test cases, but there isn’t that option to filter for test runs.