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Add a new, partially pre-populated test case from JIRA


We’re using the TestRail integration in JIRA. Everything is working well. In JIRA issues (with no TestRail association), there is a “Add Test Case” button. Selecting that button puts the user back into TestRail, in the proper project, in a blank test case window.

It isn’t apparent to me if any of the JIRA info can follow the user into the blank test case, pre-populating some of the test case fields. For example, I’d like the JIRA summary field to become the title of the new test case, without having to re-type or copy-paste.

Does this functionality exist? I looked at the configuration for the TestRail add-on, but it lacks this type of workflow. If there is no standard way to do this, has someone created a script to carry out the work?



Hi Damian,

Thanks for your post! This wouldn’t be directly possible currently as the only data that gets pre-populated in TestRail is the JIRA issue ID in the References field, and this isn’t configurable currently. That said, we’ve received this request before and I’m happy to add another vote to the feature request on your behalf. Hope this helps!



@mgarcia - I’d like to add another vote as well to this request.

Thanks for such a great product!