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Add a custom text field to add test results


Has anyone successfully added a field to a test result?

I added a text field to test cases called Precoditions which appears before my test steps. the field appears in test runs, and I would like to get it to appear in the test results as well.

any suggestions?



Hello Rob,

Thanks for your posting. You can add custom fields for test results on the same page where you added a custom field for the test cases (Administration > Customizations > Test Result Fields). Custom fields for test results appear on the Add Test Result dialog. Is that what you are looking for? You can also learn more about custom fields in TestRail online help under Help | TestRail Help | Configuring custom fields.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



But is it possible to access the custom field I created for test case in my test result.

So when I create a test case, I enter data in the preconditions field: “Ensure that customer exists for client XYZ”

This same field with the text shows up in my test run.

I would also like to see “Ensure that customer exists for client XYZ” in my test result if that is possible. Maybe this is a UI script but i’m not sure how to access the contents of my precondition to return it in the test result.


Hello Rob,

Thanks for the additional details. The content of the test cases are not copied to the description of the test results (except for the structured steps which may contain additional details such as the expected results). All test case details are always displayed above the test results and we recommend keeping this view as this doesn’t duplicate content (and would also make the page a bit more cluttered).