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Add a closed Test Run to a Milestone?



I searched the forum history but didn’t find any similar questions. I’d like to take a closed Test Run and place it in a Milestone. I can’t think of any reason this functionality would be a negative. Here’s my use-case:

  1. Nightly automation script opens a run, adds results, and closes a run. Closing the run makes sense because this is a snapshot in time of one “run” against this particular product version.
  2. We may have multiple runs in one nightly for different versions of the same product (we use a single Project and single Suite to keep all of the automation tests together).
  3. It’s not easily possible to determine which Milestone a run might belong to with the script, and then dynamically make sure the run gets opened in the correct Milestone.
  4. We don’t always need to have our runs in a Milestone, and thus I’d like to do it manually only around release time. Most runs don’t need to go to any Milestone.

Any recommendations? Is this a feature request or have I missed some functionality? All help is appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi there!

Once you close a test run, it’s protected from modification and it’s not possible to assign a closed test run to a different milestone. If you need to assign your automated runs manually to a milestone, I would recommend also closing the run manually after assigning it.

I hope this helps!


I understand that is the current functionality - but why? I’d think of milestones as congregations of test runs than than an attribute of the test run itself.

If it’s not something you folks want to add, I understand, but it sounds like test runs having the milestone as an attribute is an implementation detail. It doesn’t make any sense to me that I cannot add a closed run to a milestone.

In logical terms, it makes sense. I may complete multiple runs of a test-set for a certain milestone. And if I forgot to add a run to my milestone, I should be able to do it later. Feel free to shoot me down, but I don’t feel like the current functionality makes much sense.

Thank you for your response,


You would be able to change the milestone of a run as needed before it’s closed. It’s just that a closed test run cannot be modified anymore to protect it from further modifications. This is important for many teams so they can archive runs and be sure that the archived runs cannot be changed anymore. You can also remove the permission to close runs from team members to prevent mistakes. We are also happy to look into allowing changing the milestone of a run after it has been closed, but currently all run details are locked once you close a run.