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AD auth and Testrail integration


So our co. is currently set for 75 licenses, and currently not setup for LDAP. Now that I’ve upgraded to Testrail 5.0 is it recommended to integrate test rail with AD?

Thanks a bunch! :sunny:


Hello Julian,

Thanks for your posting! Integrating with LDAP/AD can be useful for larger teams such as yours to use the same authentication system across different tools (e.g. you can use your regular Windows login for TestRail then). It’s also really useful to auto-create new user accounts in TestRail based on LDAP/AD accounts. That said, integrating with LDAP/AD is not a requirement of course and most teams happily just use the built-in authentication system of TestRail and don’t integrate with LDAP/AD.

You can learn more about the LDAP or AD integration on the following pages and I’m happy to help in case you have any further questions:

I hope this helps!



Thank you for your response.
Really appreciated.


You are welcome, Julian!