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Active precondition test case link



We have TestRail installed, and now we stumbled upon the issue, when updating/deleting test cases, that they are used as precondition.

Is it possible to have a field ‘Precondition’ where (multiple) test case IDs can be set and search for these dependencies?

TC2 with precondition TC1
TC3 with precondition TC1

Feature I’m looking for:
When I delete TC1, warning is shown which TCs have TC1 as precondition.
When I update TC1, I can “report” which TC has TC1 as precondition.



Hi Murat,

Thanks for your post! You can include a link to a test case in the preconditions field using TestRail’s entity linking shortcode (e.g. [C123] for test case ID 123, or [T123] for test ID 123). That said, this wouldn’t be a ‘system link’ so to speak, as it’s just a quick reference to the test case that would allow you to jump to the linked test case quickly if needed. Making a change to a referenced test case wouldn’t provide any warnings/notifications to let you know that the test case is referenced anywhere, and you would just need to track this manually. You can create additional custom fields under Administration > Customizations to help track this if needed (to help track where else the test case may have been referenced). We’re also happy to review adding support for system links between tests/test cases to help with propagating changes across multiple entities when necessary. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco

Thanks for your fast reply.

At the moment we’re using the shortcode [C123], but as you say this won’t help tracking referenced test cases.
As you say it should be possible to have custom fields. I must have a look into this.