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Active Directory TestRail integration - how to specify username and password



I’m trying to connect our TestRail instance to Active Directory. Our internal IT support has created a service account (and password) to use to query AD. I’ve been looking at but can’t see where the username and password should be entered in the auth.php file.

I’ve also been looking at the LDAP authentication ( and have noticed that there is a AUTH_BIND_DN and AUTH_BIND_PASSWORD field. Are there equivalent fields for AD?

By the way, our TestRail instance is self hosted and runs on linux.



I sorted it out. I think that if you use the AD script, then the credentials of the user logging in are verified against AD. If you are using LDAP, then the service account created is used to check the credentials of the user logging in.


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for your posting and good to hear that it’s working already! The LDAP integration is similar to AD but LDAP requires an additional step to lookup the user record first before verifying the credentials (and this sometimes requires separate lookup credentials). So, the actual verification uses the same concept, it’s just that the AD is a bit simpler and doesn’t require the lookup step.