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[Active Directory] Cannot browse the whole directory to authenticate users?


Hello Gurock community,

Today, we’re using the “auth.php” plugin to provide authentication to our TestRail users and it works well.

We’re using the following “AUTH DN” :


But now, we would like to include not only the users from the above “OUR_USERS_OU”, but people from the whole directory. Thus, we’ve tried this:

define(‘AUTH_DN’, ‘DC=OUR_AD_DOMAIN,DC=org’);

… but this completely breaks the authentication, and even people from the “OUR_USERS_OU” OU can’t log in anymore.

Is it mandatory to set an Organization Unit under the domain tree when we set the AUTH_DN ?
Or, can we enable search in multiple OUs under the root of the directory tree hierarchy ?

Thanks in advance for your help.




Hello everyone,

Has anybody experienced such an issue ? :slight_smile: