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Accidentally deleted Test Suite with 1000s of test cases in testrail web


A team member accidentally deleted our most important test suite containing 1000s of test cases for our project. We are using testrail SAAS solution.

The deleted test cases were built over the past year involving several dozen folks and we haven’t been maintaining any local backups.

I understand the topic of restoring deleted test cases or deleted test suites has been discussed before. Is there any way we can restore all the deleted tests?

Thanks very much!

How to recovery deleted test suite

Hi Abhishek,

Yes, for TestRail Cloud we take daily backups and can restore an instance to a previous point in time. Please note that restoring a backup will undo/revert all changes you made after the backup was taken (this applies to all users and projects!). Please send a quick email to our help desk at with your contact infos and TestRail Cloud address so we can restore the backup. We will also need a confirmation by one of your TestRail administrators in case you aren’t an administrator yourself.