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Accessing Testrail APIs from VBS


I converted testrail .net API binding into a dll. Can someone help me how to access the testrail APIs from a VBS…



Hi Kalyan,

Please see my other posting and I think it’s possible to access the API directly from VBS using a COM object:



Hi Tobias,

Am trying to access the APIs thru VBS but see some issue. Below are the steps i tried,

Downloaded testrail .NET binding from the site
Converted it to a DLL
Registered the DLL
Trying to access the APIs thru VBS but am getting an error “ActiveX component can’t create object:Gurock.TestRail.APIException”

VBS code:
Dim mObj
Set mObj = CreateObject(“Gurock.TestRail.APIException”)

Can you please check once on it. Thanks!


Hi Kalyan,

I’m not really sure if it’s possible to use the API binding directly from VBS and we would recommend using the standard HTTP object instead to access the API. Stackoverflow has some examples for GET/POST requests and this looks as follows: