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Accessing/Filtering by Custom Result Fields in Reports



I’ve added a new ‘Custom Result Field’ called ‘Build Type’. Which is a dropdown, providing the 2 options (DEV, RC). DEV = Development build, RC = Release Candidate.

I’d like to be able to filter on this field in a report, so I can separate out the test results on DEV builds and RC builds.

I can’t see a way (using a built in report) to select a custom result field.

Is this possible?



Hello James,

Thanks for your posting. Filters are available for various reports and this would also include custom field support. If you could let me know what kind of report you are interested in exactly, I’m happy to suggest the best way to implement this with TestRail.

I would also suggest taking a look at the configuration feature or milestones in TestRail which sound like a good alternative to manage your environments. You can learn more about configurations on the one hand and milestones on the other hand with the following videos:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions.



Hi Tobias

The custom field I’ve created is a ‘Result’ field. I can’t seem to find a report that allows me to filter by the custom ‘Result’ fields, I can only filter by the ‘Test’ fields.

I’d like to use a ‘Results - Property Distribution’ report, and filter only the ‘RC’ builds?


Hello James,

Thanks for the additional details. Result custom fields are currently not supported as filters. Could you provide a few more details on what the RC field is used for? Would it also be possible to add this field on the test case level instead of the result level instead? If this is for managing builds or versions, you could also look into using milestones and/or configurations for this instead.



I am looking for Case -> “Coverage for References” report and have a custom field called LINK that I need to extract details for. Any help?



Hi Meetu,

Thanks for your posting! If the LINK field is a test case custom field, you can add this to the report on the Test Cases tab (go to the Reports tab, then Cases > Coverage for References and then the Test Cases tab on the report form).



Perfect, thank you Tobias.