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Access to REST API from Excel "Get & Transform" (PowerQuery)


I am trying to access the REST API via Excel’s “Get and Transform” feature but I get a bad request (400) response although the request is exactly the same as the one I am using with Postman and via Python and in both places this is working.

Has anyone had this problem as well?

Best Regards,

Hi Igor,

Thanks for the post! If you receive a 400 error code when using TestRail’s API, you should also receive an error message with the request relating to the cause of the error.

Typical causes of a 400 error would be an invalid/missing header (All GET requests and non-attachment POST requests require the Content-Type: application/json header) or an invalid project, case, or other entity ID.

Can you provide the response message provided by TestRail’s API along with the API method you are using so we can provide additional details?

If you’d prefer, please email a copy of the full API request and response to so we can review the full request details.


I am not able to get logs from Excel Get and Transform feature.

I assume this is some sort of problem on Excel side because as said, via Postman I can make the request and get results.

I was wondering if anyone else has tried and came up with something I am misssing.

The config on Excel is pretty straightforward in terms of headers (I am setting the content type one ) and basic auth.