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About TestRail features


I am evaluating TestRail these days, and would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Can TestRail generate test case pass/fail/blocked/Not run execution report in HTML or Excel format?
  2. Can TestRail generate various other test execution reports, such as what TestLink can do now?
  3. Can TestRail search test cases via other attributes, in addition to case number?
  4. Can TestRail support bulk editing test cases?
  5. Can TestRail schedule and run automated test scripts?




Thanks for your message. Let me answer your questions one by one:

  1. Test report: yes, you can generate an HTML report by clicking the Print icon in the toolbar of a test run. This opens a popup report that can be printed but can alternatively also be saved to an HTML file.

  2. Execution reports: most metrics, reports and charts are directly built-in into TestRail’s user interface, as it’s easier for all team members to follow a project if they don’t have to generate separate reports. For example, to view the activity report for a test run, simply select the Activity view in the sidebar. That said, additional custom reports can be run by directly accessing TestRail’s database and we are happy to help with this if needed. I’m not that familiar with TestLink, so if you could describe the report you are looking for, I’m happy to explain how to do this with TestRail.

  3. Yes, you can search for test cases and other entities by the title and other fields by entering the text you look for in TestRail’s search box. This also searches custom fields. We are also looking into adding a specific test/test case query page in the future.

  4. You cannot currently bulk edit test cases, but you can submit test results to multiple tests at once (by checking the boxes on the test run page and scrolling down to the Add Test Result button). Bulk editing test cases is already on our feature request list though.

  5. TestRail cannot currently schedule automated tests, but we have a mini API to submit test results to TestRail from automated tests:

You might also be interested in our recently published TestRail roadmap that also includes some details on planned automated testing enhancements: