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Abondened software...?



I am wondering if you plan to upate the SmartInspect library anytime? I bought a license from you hoping that you will implement new features from time to time but your last update (except Delphi support) was on August 2012 (!)…

It is not a big issue, but you don’t even support VS2015 integration? And several feature requests from the forum, wich are “promised” to include in future releases, are still missing.

Can you please give an short insight in your plans on this project or will it stay like it is without any further improvements?



Hi there!

We have many teams using SmartInspect (including our own development team) every day and have new customers choosing SmartInspect every week. In general we don’t promise any futures in advance and simply record feature requests for future consideration. We always recommend evaluating tools based on their current features and we feel that vendors that promise features in advance aren’t using the best approach (unless it’s clear that a feature is ready to be shipped of course).

As SmartInspect is already a very mature product and while there are always features we would love to see added in the future, we mainly focus on TestRail at the moment. SmartInspect is fully supported and we have updates for new platform versions. Please note that you can also use SmartInspect with any newer Visual Studio version as SmartInspect is a standard .NET package and doesn’t require any specific IDE integration.

I hope this helps!



thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it was exactly the answer which I expected. You are recording feature requests but they will be never realized. I wrote the word “promised” within quotes. Funnily, 2 of 5 of the suggested topics which I can see right now while writing this have the same problem (one from 2007 and one from 2012).

I used SmartInspect in VS2015 without problems. But it’s strange if you don’t even put any effort in updating the installer.

I agree with you that SmartInspect is a mature software and a great product but that’s no reason to stop development.

Wish you all the best and thanks for clearification.


Hello Ewoxx,

Thanks for the feedback! We cannot say in advance when/if specific additional features are added. I can say that we don’t currently work on a new major SmartInspect version as we mainly focus on TestRail at the moment. We also feel that SmartInspect is a very mature product that is already very useful for a lot of teams and we have always been transparent about this. If we have more resources in the future we might also be able to spend more time on SmartInspect again.

Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback!