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Ability to view screenshots during test execution


I have test cases which are fairly dependent on a screen shot. Basically, the user is instructed to verify the content circled on a screen shot. I can attach a screen shot to a test case but it does not show up during test execution. If I click on the attachment at that time it comes up full screen. Is there a way to display a screen shot in a “frame” so that it is visible to the user while executing the test but does nto take up the whole screen. I guess even a separate browser window could work. Obviously this gets real estate intensive but I am trying to figure out what is possible here.


How about not put your picture in attachment but put in the textarea in your case?

The image below shows that I put an image inside the preconditions textarea:



Hi Bruce,

You can simply include screenshots/images as part of the text boxes (via the small Add Image icon above a text box). The screenshots are then directly displayed inline.

Please see the icons on the right for an example (this is the steps control but the image feature is also available for standard text fields).



OK, thanks. I did not see the post image option. That works well for the manual creation mode. Can you add an image during the automated import process? Which import method(s) support this operation?



Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your reply. Uploading attachments or screenshots is currently not supported via the API or import. It’s already planned to look into this though and we currently recommend adding screenshots or attachments via the user interface.