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Ability to specify default report columns



It would be really useful to be able to edit the default columns for all reports. Currently, these are specified as ‘ID’ and ‘Title’, however, I need to add the references column manually in every single time.

Is this on the cards to do? If not, can a feature request please be raised to enable this.


Hi bryane,

While this isn’t currently available it is a great idea! I’ve created a feature request on your behalf and I will add your vote which helps us prioritize internally.

Meanwhile, what might help depending on the situation is to use the “Create Similar” button to create a copy of the current test case. While this is limited to only when you need to reuse the same report template, it will at least copy all your preferences and in some reports all you would need to do change the selection of a test run, plan, milestone, etc.


Hi @vtran

Thank you for raising the feature request, it’s greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I will continue using the “Create Similar” report button.