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Ability to search for blank custom multi-select field?


Hi Dennis and Test Rail Team!
In TestRail (4.0.1 – yes, we will upgrade soon), I created a custom, non-required, multi-select field.
Most are using it, some have not and therefore this field is blank in those instances.
I would like to filter on those test cases where this field is blank. I see ‘Any’ is in the selectable filter list that Test Rail inserts, but a blank/empty field item is not.

Is there an approach I am missing where I can filter for blank fields in a custom, multi-select field?

Thanks for any time you give to this,

– Tom


Hello Tom,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply add your field to the test case tables as a column (via the Columns button) and then click on the column header of this field. This will order your test cases by this attribute and easily lets you identify test cases without values for this field. Searching for cases with empty values as part of the filters is currently not supported but it’s already planned to look into this as well (I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks!).



+1 for this ability to search empty values in fields as part of filters. This seems like a very fundamental search ability and would be helpful, otherwise we need to create default fields that just have placeholders.


Thanks for your feedback, Steve, I’ve just added another vote to this feature request!



I vote for this feature as well.

Since this is 11 months old, has there been any additional work around on how to filter a blank field?



Hi Brian,

Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have an update or estimate regarding this feature request but it’s still planned to look into this.



Hi! Is there a news about this feature?


And another question. Is there any way to filter cases by tags to show cases that don’t contain tags specified in the query.
For example, I want to see cases that do not contain tag “Automated”


Any update about this feature?