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Ability to put total estimate next to Test Section Title


Minor Feature request:
Not meaning to guide TestRail into a scheduling tool. But in developing cases/sections, I work on levelling quite a bit prior to creating a run. But I find I have to create a run to get some basic information that I would like to see during planning and I am doing workarounds to accomplish the following manually:

  1. In, or near the section title bar, display a sum of estimates given to the test cases within. This would apply to subsections as well, of course. Nothing fancy, it can be total hours, and no need to format into XdYh, etc…
  2. Pre-assign test cases with an assignee (with NO email notification since this is not a run). Currently, I tell people to delete their emails during my levelling.

And as usual, let me know if these are hidden somewhere that I did not see.

– Tom


Hello Tom,

Thanks for your posting. Both features are currently not available as built-in feature but I’m happy to add them to the feature request list. You can already display the estimates (and calculated forecasts) in the case table and this should already help with your planning based on the estimates. You can add the Estimate and Forecast columns using the Select Columns button.

Regarding case assignments: you could look into using a custom field for this (of type User). This wouldn’t automatically assign the tests later (in test runs) but it might still be useful for filtering and searching your test cases/tests.

I hope this helps and thanks for the suggestions!



As usual, you got me on a better track with your suggestion. Using a custom field is making levelling a bit easier. Thanks Tobias!


Great to hear that this works for you, Tom!