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Ability to Pause and resume a test run when adding results


I have tests that require time between one action and another being completed. I would like to be able to pause a test run while in the Add Result dialog, and add the current results, wait the allotted amount of time, and then resume the test, right where it left off. I would like to then be able to set the main Status to ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’. I cannot currently do this because the main Status dropdown is disabled after clicking the Add Result button, and you are forced to run the entire test again, duplicating many steps that do not need to be repeated. Is there any way this can be done, without creating a whole new run of the test? If not, can this be entered as an enhancement request?


Hi Jeanie,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply add two results in this case and TestRail would use the total amount of time elapsed for the statistics (e.g. steps 1-5 with the first result and then continue with step 6-10). The status of the test would be set to the status of the last test result (e.g. “Passed” or “Failed”) and you could use an intermediate status to signal the pause (e.g. “Blocked”).