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Ability to have JIRA integration URL by project assignment


This is more of a feature request

Currently a defect view URL and Defect Add URL for JIRA can be added but if you need to add
a different JIRA links for a different project it will override the existing setting.

It would be great to add a Project Assignment similar to the Custom Field new feature in version 1.3 where I can have a different JIRA integration URL for each of my project in TestRail.

Thanks in advance



you can already enter separate defect tracker URLs for our projects. To do this, just select Administration > Projects > Edit a project > Integration tab. The defect tracking URLs you enter here override the global settings, so you can just override the integration for a few projects if you like.

Or would like to see more flexibility on this regard? If so, what would you like to see specifically? Thanks for the feedback!



Hi Dennis,

That’s correct, the feature is already in place i.e I can set up a JIRA integration by project.
I thought it was a global setting.

Never mind:-) it’s good.

But you know what would be awesome; from the “Add Test Result” popup, when a User click the “Add” link to ener a JIRA ticket, is that not only it will open up JIRA in a browser but will also populate the following JIRA fields:
summary = title
description = steps and (may be expected results)


Thanks for the feedback Roy. We have been discussing something like this in another thread in the forum:

I’m not sure if JIRA would also support something like this (i.e. adding some fields via get parameters). However, our mid-term plan is to offer a push feature to push bug reports to bug trackers from the Add Test Result dialog and we would support JIRA with this. I’m not sure when we will have this ready, but it’s on our list of todos.