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Ability to collapse Section and Subsection


Currently the project I’m working on has a few phases/Tiers span over a few years. And each phase/Tier has sub projects within. I was thinking to define a Tier as a Test Suite and within each Test Suite has Section(s) to define the subprojects. And within the subsections have test cases or even break it down into more subsections.
It’s all great and organized but the problem is that the page quickly expanded exponentially because there is no way to collapse the subsection and section.



Hello Roy,

Thanks for your feedback. Have you tried the new, alternative view for test suites/runs? The new view allows you to view only the selected (sub-)section at a time, making it a lot easier (and faster) to work with large test suites. Here’s a screenshot of the new view:

You can learn more about the new view on our blog here:

I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis

Thanks! No I have not tried the alternate views because I’m on version 2.2
Looks like it’s time for me to upgrade to 2.3



I would still like to be able to view all my sections/subsections in one screen. This is difficult without the ability to collapse, because each section has hundreds of tests and we have lots of sections.



Thanks for your feedback. Just like Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, the recommended approach for large case repositories is to use the single-section mode (with or without subgroups) and this is the most scalable approach (both from a usability as well as performance standpoint). Especially with large suites/case repositories, it’s much faster to navigate through and manage your cases if you switch to the section (folder) view mode.