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Ability to carry previous info with Re-Run of of test plan


Possible duplicate request as I did a minimal search in Posts

It would be nice if at the ‘Select Tests’ dialog where one chooses which status of tests to use in a ‘Re-run’, there would be a checkbox for copying the latest status/comments into the new test run for each case. This is useful to know how and why a previous test case had issues (if any).

I may be missing something, but the only workaround I am seeing to accomplish this is changing the status of testcases to ‘re-test’ so that the previous status can be seen.


Hello Tom,

Thanks for your posting. It’s already planned to make this information available on the test page (e.g. by using two tabs for the current and past results). You can already go to the test case (Test Case button at the top) and then open its History tab to see past results. I would recommend opening the test case in a separate tab so you don’t need to navigate back to the actual test afterwards (and can just close the tab).