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Ability to add tests from multiple suites to a plan based on search?


Currently we have 175 test suites and 10,000+ test cases across our regression suite. We have each test tagged with multiple attributes to assist us in slicing and dicing our regression suites for execution depending on the risk of the changes we are deploying.

We really need to be able to use a search function that will allow us to search for all tests across all suites within a project that match some condition and add those to a test plan for execution.

Please let me know when this feature will be available in the product.


Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. You can already use the case filters for this when adding test runs/test plans (available since TestRail 2.5):

That said, if you have many test runs/suites in a test plan, it can get a bit time-consuming to apply the filter to all test runs/suites. We currently design TestRail 3.0 and beyond and this is one of the points we would like to address in a future version.