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Ability to add custom field/data per test step?


Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply. Typically, when we write formal acceptance test cases, they could sign off 5 - 50 requirements in a single test case. They are usually grouped this way because they are all related to a single feature or capability so it makes sense to test them at the same time - otherwise you’re often repeating the same 5 test steps to get to the point where you can test the next requirement. If at all possible, when you’re looking at implementing additional fields per step, having a References/Requirements field per step would be enormously useful for us (and I imagine anyone else doing formal acceptance testing in this way).

As an example, if we were to create a test case per requirement, we would potentially be creating over 5000 - 7000 test cases for a single project. When these are acceptance tests in front of the customer, those numbers are an order of magnitude too large unfortunately. Not to mention it could take years, not weeks to run through that many tests. :wink:



I forgot to mention one of the main reasons for wanting this feature. When you’re conducting formal acceptance testing and a test fails, you want to limit the requirements that you’re marking that have not passed testing. By assigning requirement ID’s per test step, you can still pass verification for all bar one requirement in a test case for example. If the requirements are just listed at the top of the test case in a big list, it either involves a bit of analysis to work out which requirements actually failed and which ones passed - or the customer doesn’t accept that and says that they ALL fail (which is not a desirable outcome).


Hi Matt,

Thanks for the additional details, that’s very helpful! It’s already planned to add support for additional fields per step and we are happy to look into reference/requirement support as well. I would recommend storing the IDs in the step description for now if possible. I understand that this isn’t ideal but it should still be better than using the references field on the case level as you mentioned (easier to map results to IDs).



The ability to customize the step field is something we would like to see implemented as well. Thank you for adding this feature to your planned efforts. Do you have an estimate of when this will be implemented?


Hi Phil,

Thanks for your feedback on this! We currently don’t have an estimate but this feature request is definitely one of the more popular requests and higher on our list. Additional ‘test data’ and ‘references/defects’ sub-fields per step would probably cover most use cases but fully customizable steps would also be great to have. I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thanks again!



Hi Tobias,

I am also looking for this feature. For example our test steps looks as in the attachment. Data for each step can be a table also.

Please let me know when this can be available.



Hello Venkata,

Thanks for your posting! Starting with the recent 5.0 release, TestRail now also has full table support for rich-text fields:

We would usually recommend adding additional data directly to the steps field (e.g. with such a table) but we also plan to look into supporting additional, dedicated fields as part of the steps (such as a Test Data option or similar).



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the inputs. Any planned date when this feature will be available to us?
It will be great if it comes early as it will help us in current project which is ongoing.



Hello Venkata,

Thanks for your reply! We currently don’t have an estimate for this feature unfortunately and we recommend adding the test data or additional details to the steps field currently (e.g. using the table approach I mentioned).



Hi there,

Is there any way to add-remove/enable-disable custom field(s) per test suite in same project?

Thanks in advanced.
Darpan Shah


Hi Darpan,

Thanks for your posting. Custom fields can be managed on the project level in TestRail (and not per suite). That said, if you leave a field empty for a case, then TestRail also wouldn’t show this field when viewing a case or test. This means that you can use different fields per case (or suite) and TestRail would show/hide those fields accordingly. We are also currently working on a feature to use different field layouts (depending on the case) and this will add additional customization options and flexibility.

I hope this helps!




Any update on planned custom field or additional fields on each steps? I proposed to get TestRail for our company but the inability to add Test Data for each steps became a deciding point. If managing custom filed for test steps is too complicated and not top of the list, can we have at least one or two additional fields? e.g Comment field for each steps, that we can use to enter Test Data, pre-condition, URL and other comment.



Hello Tariq,

Thanks for your reply! We still have plans to look into having additional step fields however we don’t have any timeframes/ETA on if/when this could be implemented. We would just recommend using the Step Description to add any test data or any other relevant details for each step (and you can even use Markdown to format this in a table as a way to separate each ‘field’ for easier visibility as mentioned above). You can learn more about Markdown formatting on our website here:

Hope this helps!



HI Marco

Any Ideas to when this feature would be designed or if there are similar features to this



Hi Agnelo,

Thanks for your reply! We don’t have a specific timeframe/ETA for this just yet, however I’m happy to add another vote on your behalf to this request. In the meantime we would just recommend adding any extra data that you need in either a separate field (e.g. such as the preconditions field), or directly in the step description field. Hope this helps!



Please add a vote on my behalf


Hi Agnelo,

Sure thing, vote added!




We also need the possibility to assign requirement ID’s per test step!!!
As a first workaround, we created a one row table at the beginning of the step with one requirement ID per step.
Problem there: Searching for requirement ID’s didn’t work anymore.
Our second workaround was to create a one row table like in the first workaround and also adding the ID’s into the reference field.
But we are still far away from being happy with this workaround:

  1. When we have more then three ID’s in one step, the one row table gets too big and we have to create a new row.
  2. If we have a test case with a lot of ID’s, they exead

Marco, please add a vote on my behalf too.
Thanks in advance.



Hi Claudio,

Thanks for your feedback and including your use case details. I’ve added your vote and feedback to the request as well for review.



Still no implementation in sight?
C’mon it’s been ages now, even much more primitive tools have at least one optional field in steps.

I vote too.