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A test run should be able to contains more than one test suite


In my past work experiences, a test run should be able to contain more than one test suite, even some individual test cases together. This will lead work being flexible.
For present in TestRail, a test run just can select only one test suite, this is not very reasonable.
As well, individual cases can be added to a test run. and the test run is editorial any time.


Hello Hugh,

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently, TestRail’s runs are directly mapped to a specific test suite (you can select to only include specific cases though). To run test cases of different suites at once, you will need to create a test plan. We are still looking into ways to make TestRail more flexible and we will consider making runs more customizable in the future.



Thanks for your reply, Dennis.
Here I still suggest we can add more than one suite to a test run.
Assume there are lots of suites for a big application categoried by different test definition (such as UI, functions of different modules), it is likely a number of decades. If we create a test plan to perform a full testing, we have to create decades of runs. This is not efficient and hard to work.
but if it allow to add lots of suits to a run, we can add all test cases of a application module to a run, then add the different runs to a test plan.
This will lead work easier.


Thanks Hugh for the additional explanation. Making TestRail more flexible is definitely one of our goals for future versions and we will consider allowing to mix and match test runs. For now, using test plans and grouping the suites accordingly would be the best way to make it work. Please also note that you can load an existing test plan when you create a new one; this should reduce the amount of work for recreating test plans for new software versions etc.



Have things changed since this request was made to allow adding multiple (100+) test suites to a test plan at once ? Or is the user expected to select each test suite from the drop down, select it, add it, select another test suite, add it and so forth ?

I’m ok with having a 1 to 1 relation between test runs and test suites. However, it should be easy to add multiple test runs to a test plan (by selecting multiple test suites simultaneously).




Hello Rami,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s planned to change the Add Test Suite dialog on the test plan page so that you can select multiple test suites at once (by changing the dropdown field to a multi select list) so this is coming in one of the next updates.



Great to hear. Thanks.
Please take into consideration the regular adding of 100+ test suites in the UI (not just 5 or 10 which can be managed with a simple multi select list). Maybe an “Add all test suites”, or if combined with the “folder” feature to regroup test suites under, it would be much more manageable. Just something to think about.



Thanks for the additional feedback Rami. I guess for the start adding a Select All link in the dialog with the multi-select option could work well, but integrating this with suite folders later would certainly make sense.