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A solution for maintenance


Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to do manage the maintenance on my test cases. A way to organise them, so I can update their documentation later.
The solutions I have found (that works) so far are:

  • Adding a comment to a case in a test run, and deleting it afterwards.
  • Having a global directory called “Needs documentation update” and copying test cases to this directory.

None of these methods are easy to use while doing a test run, so this is what I’m looking for:

  • A way to mark a test while doing a test run (similar to changing the status), and having a way to organise the marked tests later.

Is this possible?



Hi Vuldemert,

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend adding a custom field on the test case level in this case (e.g. a field of type dropdown). For example, whenever you notice during testing that a test case needs an update, you can simply open the test case and set the “Update” flag. You can then conveniently filter for this flag on the Test Cases tab, or also use the Cases > Property Distribution report to find the cases. You can add custom fields as follows:



Hi Tobias and Vuldemert

Vuldemert, thanks for raising this issue. I’m having the same struggles for updating test cases.

Tobias, is it possible to be able to view and edit a Test Case field from the Test Results view? I want to be able to edit this field when I am executing tests, so it needs to be in the results view, but it is not related to the result. It is related to the test case. Therefore I want this update to be reflected in the test case view, so when I explore the test cases, I can find all the tests I need to update.

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to get information from the results view into the test case itself without having to open a new browser tab, and find the test case to set a status field to “needs update”.

If I add this field as normal in the results view, I can only find it again by finding the exact test run it was raised in.

The only other convenient way I have found to solve this is to create a linked “bug” with a description to update the test case. Then it appears on the JIRA backlog, at least and can be planned work, with the linked testcase, but seems a heavy solution when there’s only a minor change needed to the test case.


Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your feedback. When you open a test (by clicking on the title in the test run view, e.g. in a new browser tab), there’s an Edit Case button in the toolbar which allows you to update the test case itself (not the test). This would be a good way to set a maintenance or update flag on the test case level.

I hope this helps!



Hi wendytonks,

The reply from Tobias really helped me out on this issue. When I now find a case that needs to be updated while doing a test run I do as follows:

  • I edit the test case that needs to be updated and mark it as “Needs update” (which is a checkbox i’ve added to the test case field").
  • Then I add a comment to the test case (a text field i’ve added to the test case) found below the test case/expected results-text box. – I would really like this “Update-comment”-text box to be hidden until the checkbox has been clicked, but I don’t know a solution for creating this dependency in Testrail.

The reason you should edit the test case, and not just comment while doing the test run, is so that you avoid multiple people running the same tests using time commenting the same test cases that needs to be updated.



Maybe our way of working is slight wrong for this. We follow the steps in the “Add Result” view. At this point, the Add result view is a modal dialog, blocking me from clicking on links in the test run test case. This is why I have to search for the test case.

Maybe adding the test case link to the “Add Result” view would solve my problem?