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A quick way to add Test case to multiple projects?


Hi there,

I have a mobile application which I’ve created test suites for a each OS - iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.
These core Test suites have been Imported into new projects ( Core product + additional features per client)

e.g Core test suite features are A,B & C. + Additional features for other clients.

Now if a few months down the line if we add D & E to our Core Test suite Project. Is there a quick way of adding D & E to the other Projects ( Core product + additional features per client)?

Any advice or guidance is much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Hello Jags,

Yes, you can easily copy (or move) test cases between projects via the Copy & Move Test Cases dialog. The dialog can be opened by clicking on the icon with the two sheets of paper when viewing a test suite / the case repository. Just go to the target project, click the icon and select the cases you want to copy/move.

That said, (as mentioned in the other thread) using less/just a few projects or even a single project is usually preferred if possible as this makes it much easier to create runs and reports for your entire case repository. You can structure and group cases into sections within the case repository and TestRail is designed to handle even very large repositories (with the different view modes you can select in the sidebar, for example).