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A Python wrapper for the test rail API (v2)


Hello, i made a Python wrapper for test rail API in this repo to make the customization more easier.:yum:

However, there are so many APIs for me to test them all by myself :sob:, is there someone else interested in it and willing to help me test them? Pr or issue is also welcome.:blush:


Thanks for sharing this, Jason, this looks good :slight_smile:

We also have a basic, official binding for Python but I’m sure you’ve seen this already:

It’s not a strongly typed API wrapper and has just two generic GET/POST methods.



Thanks for suggestion, tgurock, i’ve been using the official bindings to make the customization and i found out that every time i want to make something i have to wrap the two generic GET/POST methods myself, so i guess maybe a third-party wrapper is needed.


Yep, I agree that a strongly-typed wrapper is great to have and thanks again for sharing this project :slight_smile: