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A few questions (SharePoint, automation)



I have a few questions regarding TestRail.
Does TestRail have any kind of support for automatic testing?
Is there a support for SharePoint integration? For example, automatically uploading reports.
Is there any way to have comments from test results to be shown in reports?



Hi Juha,

Thanks for your posting. I’m happy to help with your questions:

Automation: yes, you can integrate TestRail with most test automation tools by using TestRail’s API. You can learn more about the API on our website here:

While we don’t currently have ready-to-use scripts for specific test automation tools, many of our customers use TestRail together with various test automation tools and frameworks such as Selenium, JUnit etc. It’s also planned to offer more example scripts in the future. It’s generally also possible to trigger test automation execution from within TestRail with a customization, although most customers don’t need this and simply execute/trigger the automated tests outside of TestRail:

SharePoint: you can integrate SharePoint and other document managing systems via TestRail’s reference and defect URLs:

This is mostly used to link cases and results to existing documents. You might also be able to use the notification and scheduling features in TestRail to automate the report uploading to SharePoint. TestRail can send email notifications once a new report is available and can attach the report as a ZIP.

Result comments: yes, you can use the print views for this and they include all details down to the result comments and other result attributes. You can generate the print views on the run/plan/milestone page via the printer icon in the toolbar. This opens a popup window and you can then switch to the Details mode.

I hope this helps!



Many thanks for your quick reply, Tobias :smile:



You are welcome, Juha, and please let me know in case you have any further questions :smile:



I’m trying to create a report from milestones with the latest test result, defect and comment for each test result. I’ve not been able to find the location of this printer icon. This post was Dec 2015 - has this functionality been removed? Could you upload a screen capture Tobias?


Click into the Milestone, Test Run, or Project to get the printer icon.


Thank @BGanger - I guess I was on the main milestones page and hadn’t drilled-down into a milestone, where I see what you see now. Too bad there isn’t an option somewhere between ‘outline’ and ‘details’ where I can show my last test result comment without polluting the report with all the test steps I have for each test case. Guess I have to look at creating a custom one.