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6.2 Bug? - Editing Test Plan Resets all "Assigned To" values to default

Edited the Description field in my Test Plan. After saving, I find all the tests that I had previously assigned to someone have been reassigned to me!

Basic Repo Steps:

  1. Click on “Test Runs & Results” tab.
  2. Click on test plan “XX”
  3. Observe that “Sort” is set to “Assigned to” and that tests are equally distributed across 4 people.
  4. Click Edit button (upper, right part of window).
  5. Observe that “Assign To” is set to my name: this is okay as text underneath states, so should only apply to newly added test cases:
    The user to whom the tests of the new test run should initially be assigned. An email is sent to the user if email notifications are enabled.
  6. Make an update to Description field.
  7. Observe the option selected is “Select specific test cases”.
  8. Click the “Save Test Run” button.
  9. Observe that are back to same screen a in Step #3, but now all tests are assigned to me (ugh)!

MY EXPECTATION: “Assigned To” of STEP #9 should look just like that of STEP #3 (as I did not add any new steps to the Test Plan).

Now I have to review each test and reassign to the original assignee, plus now send out e-mail explaining why the tester is getting multiple e-mails for the same test.

In case it matters, the Test Plan was not assigned to a Milestone.

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the post! This is actually an issue that predates 6.2, and is something we are aware of and are looking into a permanent fix for in an upcoming release. The underlying issue is when editing a test run or plan, when saved, if the full test run is assigned to a user it will default to re-assigning all of the tests within the run the user that the run is assigned to. The basic fix is to select the “blank” option in the “Assign to” field when editing the run. This basically tells the system to keep all current assignments as they are when the changes to the run are saved, and will keep any individual user assignments present.

As a temporary workaround, there is a UI Script that you can implement that will keep automatically set the user assignment field on your test runs to the blank value when you go into edit a run, so you don’t have to make it a direct part of your work flow. You can find the full example script to implement in our Community Custom Script GitHub Repo here:

If you’re not familiar with how to set up UI Scripts in TestRail, you can check out our guide here:

Hope that helps! Let us know if you run into any other questions.

Hi @jacob.scott :slight_smile:
The fix you provided of selecting “the “blank” option in the “Assign to” field when editing the run.
did the trick.

I now remember examining the choices in the “Assign To” field, but the “blank” option was not readily apparent as it was just that - blank space - and something which I am conditioned to NOT think worthy of paying attention to (that is: blank space = ignore, characters = valuable). Perhaps there is a GUI design principle that applies here??

Thanks for the quick response, and have a great (and healthy) day!