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6.1 Update Caused Bugs?

This morning I logged into TestRail and saw there had been the 6.1 update. Then I noticed a few bugs.

  1. When I attempt to push an issue into Jira via the integration the test details and result comments aren’t populating so I have to manually copy/paste them in each time.

  2. It used to be that TestRail would automatically open everything in split-pane mode because that was the last mode I was using. Now I have to hit the arrow to trigger it every single time, even if I did nothing but click on my browser refresh.

  3. I attempted to use the new feature to update and save a test case from the split pane view in results and my changes did not save.

Hi @Lisa_CDS - thanks for your feedback. Can you send us some more information about item 1, since we’re not aware of any 6.2 related issues around the push defect capability.

With respect to item 2, that’s certainly something we will look into.

Currently, trying to edit a custom field doesn’t work with the new split pane edit functionality. Other than that though, your changes should be saved as you would expect. So if you’re experiencing some other issues here, please provide us with some more detail and we’ll look into that also.

Thanks again for letting us know about these issues, and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Thank you for your response.

For issue number one - the way TestRail had been working was that if we selected Push in the new box that appears the test steps, expected results, status (such as Failed) and our comments would all get pushed into the Description box. The currently are not however.

For issue number three - if I make an edit in the steps or expected results boxes and save my changes don’t actually save.

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the screenshots. The description field for the push dialog should be populated based on the settings for your integration.

Can you email us at with a screenshot of your Jira integration settings for TestRail, including the description template?

With respect to results not being saved, can you provide additional replication steps in your email, such as your browser, which fields you are trying to edit, any enabled browser add-ons, etc.? Please also include any applicable screenshots so we can attempt to reproduce this on our end.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,

We are experiencing the same thing as to issue 1, Jira integration. We get in Jira down to the Comment and nothing after. No Steps and no Rusults. Here is our existing script;

Preconditions; %cases:custom_preconds%
Run Configuration; %tests:run_config%
User; %tests:assignedto_id%

Failure Description; -----
(see steps below)


Steps for this case; -






This is what is actually being sent to Jira; Between the ** and the other ** is supposed to be the steps and the actual test results.

LC-Consultant Logons, Add new LC
Preconditions; Must have an Admin login.
Run Configuration; Chrome
User; mbaker

Failure Description; -----
(see steps below)

*adminbeta environment.

Failed at Step 4;

See screen shot.
See bottom of description for Error Event log.

---------------------------------- Steps for this case; -----




T280: LC-Consultant Logons, Add new LC


Hi Mike,

Thanks for the details from your configuration. We have been able to replicate the issue where separated step results are not being populated in the push dialog. We are working to fix this issue as quickly as possible and will provide an updated release as soon as this is resolved.

With respect to separated steps themselves (not results), these should still be populated in the description field of the push dialog. Based on the information you provided, you have the Steps (Text) field included in your template, and not the separated steps field. The separated steps field should be defined as %cases:custom_steps_separated%.

Thanks again for the detailed information and apologies for any inconveniences this issue is causing.